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Let our experience secure your success

Whether you have design, deadline or budgeting responsibilities for your company or project, Catalyst can help you meet your goals. Highly skilled design engineers, who understand manufacturing as well, will help you develop, design and build your next motion controlled project. Because Catalyst has both design and manufacturing expertise, we can develop a solution that will not only meet your technical needs, but help keep you project on time and with in your budget.

How We Simplify Your Project

Development and Design Engineers

Development and Design Engineers

In many cases there are multiple technologies or system approaches for linear and rotary motion solutions. It can be intimidating trying to determine the best approach for both performance and cost without a complete understanding of the strengths and weakness of these design choices. At Catalyst Motion Group we have direct experience in a broad range of motion technology that stems from our vertical integration. Our experience starts with the design of the basic components and expands into the integration of these components, and ultimately into a unique system that allows us to provide the right solution to your motion needs.

  • Experts in medical Device and Surgical tool applications
    • FDA, Qualification, Documentation
    • New next generation Development
  • Complete range of Lab Test OEM options
    • Performance tests based on your application and requirements
  • Specialized industrial application capability
    • Wide range of off the shelf options to get you started before customizing to your needs
OEM Purchasing and Business Managers

OEM Purchasing and Business Managers

Sourcing a complete system from Catalyst Motion Group with multiple components will allow you to simplify your vendor base and reduce inventory costs. By looking at your project through our "Value Analysis" lens, the Catalyst team can design your project to remove unnecessary labor and materials. Catalyst's design and manufacturing experience in low cost regions can be utilized to bring project and product savings to your desk. By partnering with Catalyst, you have added a scarce resource, a highly skilled design engineering team, with manufacturing prowess, that is working for you.

  • Turn components you assemble into one module arriving on your dock
  • Low Cost Region expertise
  • Value Analysis process to take raw material cost out
  • Single Source
  • ISO Certified and Rohs Compliant
Manufacturing Professionals

Manufacturing Professionals

How many times have you worked with multiple manufactures to troubleshoot your motion related issues only to have them place the blame on the “other” component supplier? Have you ever had the frustration of working with a subcontractor who can’t meet your assemble tmeline because one of their suppliers dropped the ball leaving you line down? At Catalyst Motion Group not only do we have the abilities to perform function tests to systems before shipping, we also manufacture at the component level for motion assemblies allowing us to take on full responsibility for a fully tested system. Throught the whole design process, we keep longterm manufacturing efficiencies in view.

  • Ongoing Techinical support after development cycle
  • Custom Testing to mimic application
  • Design for manufacturablility
  • Improved Repeatablity and Repoducibility
Engineering / Development Managers

Engineering / Development Managers

Lack of development resources and the ever increasing demands for efficients can make new projects difficult to finish on budget and on time. Utilizing Catalyst Motion Group allows managers better understand their budget and time line, at the same time freeing your groups resources to work on other projects. If your team is lacking espertise in a certain area of motion control, let Catalyst's group of experienced engineers fill that void. Not every engineering manager dedicated has manufacturing, motor, rotary and linear motion experts at their disposal.

  • Reduce timeline for product development
  • Add experience to your design team by using Catalyst experts
  • Use Catalyst for your single stage or multiple axis projects