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Complete motion control solutions with world class capabilities

We put it all together – customized motion system development

Our extensive experience in diverse motion applications and industries, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the components used in motion control will make us an invaluable resource for your next motion control project. We have developed and currently manufacture our own stepper motors and integrated stepper motor actuators, brush and brushless DC motors, linear motors, and an extensive array of linear translation components as well as drives and electronics. We also continue to evolve with new materials, technologies, and methods. Our intellectual property is expansive and provides for very well supported engineering teams.

Our Toolbox of Technologies



Our portfolio consists of a full line of canstack and hybrid stepper motors (including high resolution models), brush and brushless DC motors, spur and planetary gearing, linear motors, as well as custom motor designs such as axial flux motors.

Linear Mechanics

Linear Mechanics

From lead screws, ball screws, belt drives and rack and pinions to friction slides and rolling element slides, our capabilities and options are virtually unlimited in this area. We have single and multi-axis solutions as well as Z-theta.

Drives and Electronics

Drives & Electronics

We have developed standard stepper drives, integrated or stand-alone, as well as a family of servo drives. Also available is a full line of encoders (rotary and linear), brakes, sensors, switches, cabling and connectors.

If we don't have it

If We Don't Have It...

With our engineering capability, if we don't have it... we can develop it! We have successfully developed and taken to production fully customized motion solutions not utilizing our core technologies. We are innovative, flexible and most importantly... reliable, effective and successful.