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About Us

Configured Motion Systems for Customized Solutions

Use our components and our design expertise to bring your project to life

We offer high precision motion systems at any level of sophistication and integration, providing all necessary mechanical, electrical and software supply and support. Single-axis and multiple-axis systems are our expertise, either using our own components or custom designed to our clients' specifications.

AMETEK PMC is the combination of some of the most respected names in the linear and rotary motion industry: Haydon, Kerk, Pittman and Dunker Motor. With Catalyst Motion Group we are able to configure motion systems (from simple to complex) by utilizing our own component level supply. What this means for our clients is full accountability for customized solutions while realizing the improved efficiencies of a reduced supplier count and receiving fully tested and delivered solutions. Our extensive in-house resources include:

  • Mechanical, electrical and software engineering teams
  • Full inspection and testing capabilities (includes interferometry, vision inspection, environmental, vibration and noise testing)
  • Proprietary and patented products and processes (includes low friction coatings, in-house developed polymers)
  • Drive and software development
  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities (including in-house tool design and fabrication, injection molding, EDM, 3D printing, coating and cabling)

Utilizing these resources allows us to collaborate with our clients to develop the ultimate solution for almost any application, while managing scheduling demands, technical requirements and financial considerations. We are able to accomplish this through coordinated utilization of our extensive engineering resources and vertically integrated manufacturing resources.

Our goal is to "Raise your motion control capabilities so you can change the world!" Realize the value of having access to the resources and support of a global corporation, while receiving individual attention from the single point contact of a small, focused and strategically aligned group.

With Catalyst Motion Group, it's the best of both worlds!